BlackBox Component Builder
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BlackBox Component Builder is an open-source IDE for Component Pascal programming language. BlackBox consists of modules, compiler and environment for their work over OS. It is also providing facilities for interface design and modules extension. Component Pascal is strongly typed and module based. The compiler is very fast. Each module is a unit of compilation and execution. Modules are brought into memory in order of import when requared. There is no need for 'headers'. Symbol files are automatically generated by the compiler for exported items. Data structures are automatically garbage collected when no longer referenced. The framework comes with a complete set of documentation for each module.
Extensions for BlackBox
Development version for SVG support
Allows to import/export, manipulate and convert PNG & BMP images without third-party libraries.
Coloring of the Oberon and Component Pascal syntax
Dynamic collections and lists of different structures.
Facilities to work with strings.
Standard Container Library
Component Pascal to C translator.
Step-by-step debugger for BlackBox
Cross-platform library for graphics, windows management, keyboard & mouse
Data lossless compression using the Deflate algorithm
Generate documents in Open Document Format
Set component for BlackBox for beginners (Build 024 2019-05-05)
2D vector graphics library for antigrain HostPorts realisation and PDF generation
Library for representing and manipulating simple data
Russian language for menues, dialogs and documentation
Subsystem for access telemechaniks data. This its inteface for tmaccess.dll in operating-information programm complex "Oik Dsipather"(Interface ltd, Russia, Ekaterinburg st)
Automatic aux windows management with tabs on the top panel
Parallel computing with MPICH
2D plots

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